Why this site?

I created this site after reconnecting with my Catholic faith due to my wonderful wife's efforts to find a spiritual home. After attending a plethora of churches: Assembly of God, Baptist, Calvary Chapel, Grace Life Church (Calvinist), Home Church (a Vineyard offshoot), various non-denominationals and a Vineyard, we found our way to the Catholic church. I was a revert and she was a convert.

My wife also got me hooked on listening to Catholic podcasts. As I learned more about my faith, I also learned how to defend my faith. This is called apologetics by the way, and no, we aren't apologizing for anything. It comes from the Greek ἀπολογία, "speaking in defense".

A couple of my favorite shows to listen to are Catholic Answers Live, The Jimmy Akin Podcast, Right Here Right Now and Busted Halo. These shows all feature one thing in common: people call in to the show (many times they are atheists or agnostics, from other faiths, or just anti-Catholic) and ask their questions and receive well thought-out, solid, Catholic responses.

I heard so much great information on these shows that I wanted to create a place where I (and others) could easily reference the most popular questions and the great answers that went along with them. Think of this site as a CliffsNotes for Catholic podcasts. For the record, I'm just an ordinary guy. I have no formal training nor do I hold any kind of religious degree.

The plan is to cover a cornucopia of topics by summarizing what the expert reply was to a popular question. I'll also note any scripture, or books or websites they reference in their response, and then link to the podcast (noting the time) where you can hear the expert give their complete reply. My goal is to provide easy to find answers to common questions that are loyal to the Catholic Church and the Magisterium. I really hope you enjoy this site! I know I'm having a blast creating it. Maybe this is my way of evangelizing?


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This site is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.

"...and upon this rock I will build My Church..." Matthew 16:18