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Our priest announced that the Girl Scouts would be selling cookies after mass. Aren't they associated with Planned Parenthood?

Fr. Shenan Boquet replied:

"... if you go to a couple of very, very reputable websites, for example if you look at Life Site News dot com you'll actually get a few articles that gives you references and things that you can do, reading on your own and see the connection. There is a connection between Girl Scouts and the support of the agenda of Planned Parenthood. For example Girl Scouts USA was a founding member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. And so a lot of their membership dues are being used to support this ideology, this agenda, and even the idea that young girls should have access to reproductive rights ... that you have a right to your body, you have a right to exercise those freedoms the way that you see.

So these things are very much concerning when you recognize Girl Scouts and you recognize what they're brining to our young girls and what they're teaching them ... that's very contrary to not only our Christian faith, but contrary to the dignity of the human person and the beauty of womanhood ... I would encourage you to access those very reputable sites and read the research yourself so that you're not just taking my word for it...

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Editor's note: You might want to read this article at the National Catholic Register posted July 16, 2014. An important point to note in the USCCB investigation is that the Girl Scouts at a national level say no they have no association with Planned Parenthood, however it is up to the local Girl Scout groups to decide if they want a relationship.


Catholic Answers, "Pro-Life Open Forum" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2014)

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Show air date: March 7, 2014

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