Name withheld wrote:

I’m an avid video gamer but I sometimes feel conflicted over games that are violent in nature. I don’t play the games for the violence but for the challenge. Is there an official Church stance regarding this activity?

Mike Hayes replied:

"Some video games have just obvious objectionable material. There’s a game I remembered hearing about called Leisure Suit Larry. The idea is to take this character Larry and get him to have sex with women that they sort of throw in your way ... Grand Theft Auto you can beat up hookers in the street ..."

Fr. Dave Dwyer replied:

"What I would say about this is not only is it near occasion of sin ... by that we mean ... you’re not actually raping someone, you’re not actually stealing a car. Near occasion of sin would mean if it brings you to a place where it might dull your sense of right and wrong about sin then really the moral life is all about habit forming. We form good habits even in small ways ... If we make good choices even in small things, if we don’t take the post it from our office supply closet at work, even though you know, gee it’s not gonna affect the bottom line of the company. But if we are disciplined about that then that forms us into a moral person who makes better choices at larger levels. But if we do allow ourselves to grab the post its, or we say hey it’s just a video game, shoot, shoot, shoot. We’re a lot closer to being able to making worse decisions in more significant matters ... All these kids that make it so easy to shoot up schools. I can’t imagine that they’ve not practiced that on a video game ..."

Mike Hayes replied:

" ... if you are playing video games to the extent that it’s keeping you away from other good things in your life like, you have an addiction to video games in a way that’s also probably something that could be sinful if it gets out of control."


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Show air date: March 12, 2009

Name of show: #189

Guest comments by: Fr. Dave Dwyer, Mike Hayes

Question appeared in show: 13:55

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