Gilbert asked:

Can I make up for a missed Holy Day of Obligation?

Fr. Steve Bell replied:

"... you can't make up a Holy Day of Obligation, or a Sunday."

Fr. Dave Dwyer replied:

"... if you really can't be there, then it's not a mortal sin, you don't have to go to confession. But if you could have made an effort ... because yes people do work and particularly people that work long and uncontrollable hours like for instance nurses that do twelve hour shifts ... if you're sick or you're exhausted or there's a good reason then no, the Church doesn't hold that against you.

Most churches for a Holy Day of Obligation and certainly a Sunday are going to give you a pretty wide latitude like from cause he said if you can't get to Holy Day on Thursday could you go on Wednesday morning? No but you can go Wednesday afternoon. Probably from about 4:30 or 5 all the way through whatever time on the Holy Day that there doing maybe even 7:30 on the Holy Day itself. So that's well over 30 hours that you have and you know it's coming up ..."


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Show air date: October 10, 2013

Name of show: #378

Guest comments by: Fr. Dave Dwyer, Fr. Steve Bell

Question appeared in show: 9:00

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