Cindy asked:

Is it ok if you are cremated to have your ashes scattered?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"The Church allows now for cremation. Although historically cremation was something the Church tried hard to avoid, because often it was accompanied by a form of blasphemy, not always but sometimes, a form of blasphemy of people trying to disprove the general resurrection where we’ll receive our bodies back. The thinking, as stupid as it is was, that well if we burn this body and then scatter the ashes there’s no way God can resurrect this body ...

The disposition of the ashes of the person who has been cremated should be ideally in a columbarium which is a place, usually it’s a chapel in which there are niches in the walls for these urns to be placed ... This is a dignified and respectful way to show that level of the reverence for the temple of the Holy Spirit. Everyone baptized Christian of course, his body is a temple of the Holy Spirit ... This is what the Church requires ..."

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Patrick recommended going to and searching for cremation for the bishops' official stance on this matter.


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Show air date: August 28, 2013

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