Victoria asked:

Can you help me understand the Church's position on how Muslims worship the same God we as Christians do?

Fr. Fessio replied:

"There’s no official specific position ... Muslims, Jews and Christians all worship the God of Abraham. And there’s only one God, so in that sense we're worshipping the same God ... But the conception of that God, the way God is described and defined is different ... Jews believe in one God and not father, son and spirit as we do ... The Muslims and the Jews are similar in that they don't believe in the trinity ...

The conception of God which the Muslims have is that God is above reason, that God does not have to be logical ... Therefore whatever he wills is a command, whether it's a reasonable command or not. Whereas the Christian view and the Jewish view as well is that God is reason, God is logical, God is rational and therefore the universe we have is one that embodies and reflects that rationality of God."


Catholic Answers, "Open Forum" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: September 5, 2013

Name of show: Open Forum

Guest comments by: Fr. Joseph Fessio

Question appeared in show: 7:42

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