Rosemary asked:

When God calls some people in the bible he seems to have certain plans for them like Moses. Talking to some people they say God doesn’t have such a specific plan for each person and that would be determinism ... God deciding our fate for us. My skills and talent count toward a decision, but do I just decide now or do I ask Him what he specifically called me for?

Fr. Dave Dwyer replied:

"The only way God’s plan or God’s desire for us would be determinism is if he made us do it. If we continue to see God as a loving parent, a parent may have a great idea about what their child should do ... You can have a lot of plans, very specific if you want even, and whether or not your children fulfill those plans is up to them ... clearly in the bible we see particular gifts and a particular plan for people. But in all of those cases that she mentioned God calls the person to do that, and that person has to answer yea or nay ... It would be determinism if God said, ‘this is gonna happen, I’m gonna make it happen.’

Now philosophically, people get into, all bunched up about, if you know if God knows all things and knows what’s going to happen well then isn’t that determinism? That’s one of those for Plato and Aristotle to stand under the columns for days ... once we try to map onto God our human limitations, well then it’s gonna be a limited conversation. We know and we believe through faith, it doesn’t make logical sense, we believe that yes God can be omniscient and yet not take away our free will and our free choice and not determine what it is we have to do. We’re not little robots or automatons just falling into this path that God carved out for us ..."


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Show air date: October 1, 2009

Name of show: #215

Guest comments by: Fr. Dave Dwyer

Question appeared in show: 14:16

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