Nick asked:

What is the Catholic church’s teaching on the possibility of extra terrestrial life? What are the theological implications?

Jim Blackburn replied:

"It’s not an area the Church has a teaching on because this isn’t something God has revealed to the Church. It’s a matter of science. It could be that there is life out there you know that we don’t know about, life on other planets for example.

You asked a good question on the theological implications of that and I think what we would have to do, is if we were to find that is indeed the case - that there is life that has been created in the image and likeness of God, just like we as human beings are if they have as human beings have done, lost that likeness, lost sanctifying grace, as our first parents did through original sin, then this other race, whatever it would be on another planet, would of course be in need of salvation just like the human race is.

There’s a lot of speculation we could do about that, but it’s just simply not an area that the Church has a teaching on. The Church remains open on the possibility of life anywhere and just of course it’s always open to the truth..."


Catholic Answers, "Open Forum" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: August 27, 2013

Name of show: Open Forum

Guest comments by: Jim Blackburn

Question appeared in show: 3:05

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