Ann asked:

I have a friend who is Jewish. Because of her Jewish heritage she feels she would be betraying her deceased parents by practicing another faith. What do I tell her?

Roy Schoeman replied:

"... It may sound a bit trite but the most important things are to love her ... and of course prayer ... One thing is it can be very helpful for the Jewish person to realize they're not stopping being Jewish by entering the Catholic church. I was a Jew growing up. I became a follower of the Jewish messiah Jesus. Why should I stop being a Jew by going from being a Jew who didn't know who the Jewish messiah was, [to] being a Jew who did know who the Jewish messiah was? It doesn't make me any less Jewish it actually makes me more Jewish.

And this is the feeling that basically all of the Catholic Jews that I know have had. I know that Rosalind Moss said the same thing, that entering the Catholic church was the most Jewish thing a Jewish person could do. So, if you have the opportunity that's not a bad perspective for your friend to be exposed to because nobody wants to stop being what they feel they are. Jesus was Jewish. Saint Peter was Jewish. All of the apostles were Jewish. No one ever said they stopped being Jewish. Saint Paul says right in Romans 11 he says ... 'I too am an Israelite, a member of the tribe of Benjamin.' You don't lose your Jewish identity by becoming right about who Jesus was..."


Catholic Answers, "Evangelizing the Jewish people" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2014)

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Show air date: July 2, 2014

Name of show: Evangelizing the Jewish people

Guest comments by: Roy Schoeman

Question appeared in show: 27:48

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