Will asked:

The Church doesn't like us to scatter cremated remains, so how is it the Church can take a saint's bones and spread them throughout the world in the form of relics?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"...this rule for Catholics, the faithful who die and when it comes time to take care of their mortal remains the Church does not ashes scattered because it's considered, a possibility at least of denying the resurrection in some cases if they are cremated for that purpose and there have been some times when people are seeking to defy God and say there's no way you can raise my body because look I've got it scattered all around the ocean or something like that...

Now the difference between you or I or another member of the lay faithful ... dying and not being permitted to have our remains scattered, the difference between that and those saints is because the saints are in a category of in a sense of belonging to the Church universal. We belong to the Church universal too under what Saint Paul talked about in 1st Corinthians chapter 12, we're all members of the body to be sure. But the saints and their relics are a part of the patrimony of the Church. Especially when it comes to things like churches, parish churches that are named after saints, the custom is to have a small relic in the altar stone. And so the Church recognizes that it's actually a good thing in the case of the saints to make their relics available as widely as possible for the benefit of the Church in various places..."


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Show air date: October 9, 2013

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