Noel asked:

You were talking about the gay gene. Even if they did find a gay gene I don't see how it would be justified... Let's say there's a murder gene that doesn't justify murder, or if there's a get drunk and beat your wife gene that doesn't justify getting drunk and beating your wife. I don't even see how that argument is used by the pro gay movement.

Patrick Madrid replied:

"...Here's how it's being used. It's really a cop out technique. It's a way of saying hey this is how I am, this is how I was made therefore don't judge me. You can't say that what I'm doing is wrong because it's my genetic make up. That's the claim. It's not even proven yet.

But it's a way to cop out of one's personal responsibility to say I don't have to live up to moral standards because if I convince myself and enough other people that as a heterosexual male my heterosexual,and I'm using my terms very carefully here, my heterosexual genetic make up predisposes me to be attracted to members of the opposite sex therefore I can do whatever I want. And there should be no limits or barriers or restraints on what I can and might do. No that's not a valid argument. And it would be just as invalid in the case of homosexuals as well..."


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Show air date: August 9, 2013

Question appeared in show: 49:42

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