Cameron asked:

I’m in RCIA and my understanding is you receive all of the sacraments of initiation on the same day. I heard it’s not acceptable to receive communion if you aren’t in a state of grace. My question is on that day you get baptized how can you go on to take communion without first going to reconciliation?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"Well check this out Cameron here’s why. Because of what baptism does. The sacrament of baptism makes you a new creation in Christ. You are washed in the blood of Jesus. All trace of sin and all the effects of sin are completely eradicated. So it’s as good as it gets as they say this side of heaven ... There’s no need to go to confession for the person who has just been baptized and is receiving the other sacraments of initiation, confirmation and Holy Eucharist. There’s no need for it because there’s no sins to be dealt with. Baptism has already taken care of that."

Mark's take:

It’s important to note that if you are entering the Church but were previously baptized in the proper trinitarium form, then you would need to go to confession prior to entering the Church as you won’t be baptized again. Therefore you need a priest to absolve you of your sins.


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Show air date: August 28, 2013

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