Andrea asked:

Is it ok to be employed as a psychic and be a good Catholic?

Fr. Vincent Serpa replied:

"Ordinarily a Catholic would not do that. If one is a practicing Catholic and under the direction of the Church certainly under the direction of a spiritual director and one is aware of things that most other people aren’t aware of, there might be times where one in a prudent situation may say something about it. But to have people coming to you on a regular basis ... usually if God wants us to know the future, he will let us know. If he has anything of import to tell us, usually it’s through the Church ...

If one has a gift similar to this that it always be used under the guidance of the Church. So there’s some checks and balances there, because it can be abused. People can think they have a gift and not really have one. It’s never a good thing to just do something like that on one’s own ..."


Catholic Answers, "The Chaplain is in" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: September 18, 2013

Name of show: The Chaplain is in

Guest comments by: Fr. Vincent Serpa

Question appeared in show: 5:13

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