Ren asked:

I grew up protestant and you just wear jeans and a t-shirt or whatever you feel comfortable with when going to church. My husband and I recently became Catholic. I noticed people are much more formally dressed. Is there a dress code?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"I am conscious of the fact that even at mass on Sunday, Catholics by and large have become very casual. Very, very casual ... Very few men any more actually wear suits and ties ... Now a days it's far more common that people would be there in tennis shoes and sweatshirts and shorts and jeans ... I think that our generalized casualness is not a good thing. As it reflects a great casualness in our attitude toward holy things ... It's not like we're trying to impress God, but we want to do the very best we can by way of reverence ...

In the case of modesty, that women and men come to mass wearing modest clothing, so that they are not a distraction to other people. That involves tight-fitting clothing, or clothing that's too revealing or clothing that's inappropriate."

Mark's take:

This is a real Pandora's box of an issue. In brief, men: no more sports team jerseys, camouflage pants, flip flops, short shorts or tank top shirts. You aren't going to a superbowl party, hunting for deer, the beach or to a barbeque. Ladies, you are not going out to meet men at a night club. Cover up. Parishoners do not need temptations before the altar. And for those getting married in the church, the single problem I've consistently seen (and I've been to a few Catholic weddings) is women wearing skimpy, revealing dresses. If it was up to me the church would have a box of shawls ready to hand out to all women in attendance.

We go to church to worship God. We are in His house. We should have reverence for the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle at all times in church. This topic goes hand in hand with people who won't stop talking when waiting for mass to begin.


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