George asked:

Is there any harm in a parish reenacting the Jewish Passover Seder?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"Why are they doing it? That would be my question. From the standpoint of you know trying to show, 'ok this is how it was done maybe on the night of the exodus when Moses took the people out of slavery in Egypt, and this is a reenactment of how it was done.' If it's done for a historic or a kind of a biblical example of what happened I can see that. The danger though is that if it is being done in a way that would in any way suggest, or even just implicitly imply that there's something necessary about it, or that we that Catholics should be doing this, that would be a problem in my view.

Because the mass is the passover supper and it is the supper that Jesus celebrated with the apostles. It concluded, it perfected, it completed the passover supper that Moses celebrated and all the passover suppers. That's what a seder meal is. It's the meal of the unleavened bread and the bitter herbs and all the things that go along with how it was celebrated the first time around in the book of Exodus is where we read about it. That was all concluded and really done away with in terems of any kind of necessity for it. So that's where I would draw the line..."


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Show air date: April 8, 2014

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