Donna stated:

I was at 40 days for life vigil and some teens came by and one of the men from our group engaged them about abortion. One of the teens said abortion is legal so it's okay. The man proposed slavery was legal, that's not okay. Then the man said what if they said molesting children was okay? The teen thought about it for a second then replied well it would be a horrible thing but we'd have to go along with it.

Patrick Madrid replied:

"It shows how he was not trained how to think very critically was he? ... As so much of these arguments are, so many of these arguments which really stem from moral relativism... Moral relativism ... that's the world view that says that there's no such thing as objective truth. All things we think about as moral or immoral, good or evil those are really just social constructs. In other words what's true for you may not be true for someone else. You may not like abortion and if you don't like abortion that's fine, but you can't tell other people that they can't have abortions. Because then you're pushing your morality on them. You're pushing your opinion on them. But you notice any time somebody says that to you, they're pushing their morality on you. If they say to you don't push your morality on me you Catholics, you Christians, and you say why not don't you believe in morality? And he says well yeah, but I believe in my morality not yours. And you say well then how do you know what's moral? And he says well I think people should decide for themselves. And you say well that's what I'm doing, and I've decided that you're immoral. What's the big deal?

You can take them through these kinds of little scenarios, these conversations and even though this kid that you're talking about here stood his ground, even though rather stupidly I would say, that's atypical for a lot of young people today. Because they usually give up after the first few attempts to prop up a slogan or a catch phrase as if it were a real argument when it's really not. What we need to do...we need to train ourselves every day to think clearly, to think analytically, to be able to look at these kinds of challenges, the bumper sticker and slogan soundbites that pass for arguments these days...and reason our way through them..."


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