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My daughter is in first grade and goes to a Catholic school and came home with a bracelet announcing the time of the Girl Scouts' meeting. I feel like they're pressuring her to join. My understanding as Catholics we probably shouldn't be affiliated with Girl Scouts because of their affiliation with Planned Parenthood. My daughter isn't joining, but all her friends are. I wanted to get your advice.

Patrick Madrid replied:

"What a shame that we have to explain to a six year old why there's a problem with Girl Scouts. I think Girl Scouts historically have been a wonderful institution, a great opportunity for girls to do all the things that Girl Scouts do with crafts and camping and leadership skills and all those things much like the Boy Scouts have done.

It's just a supreme drag that the Girl Scouts have been so corrupted in recent decades by the extremist ideologies that have overrun them in the form of groups like, extremist groups like Planned Parenthood. I'm right there with you and I think you're smart and right to not let your daughter be associated with an extremist group, indirectly because I'm not saying the Girl Scouts are extremists, but they are becoming radicalized from everything that I can tell. An association with a group like Planned Parenthood bodes ill I would say for the long term future of an organization that was once great..."

Editors' note: Another caller added that there were other groups that a girl could join like 4H, American Heritage Girls and the Blessed Emelda Group. This isn't an endorsement by the Right Here Right Now show, it's just information that might help. This same caller also mentioned about learning about what the Girls Scouts are doing by going to Honest Girl

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Editor's note: You might want to read this article at the National Catholic Register posted July 16, 2014. An important point to note in the USCCB investigation is that the Girl Scouts at a national level say no they have no association with Planned Parenthood, however it is up to the local Girl Scout groups to decide if they want a relationship.


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