Diane asked:

I don’t believe in gay marriage. Should I attend a gay wedding for a family member?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"The short answer is no. It would not be permissible for you to do that because as you rightly pointed out it would show an approval that you don’t have. You don’t approve of this morally. And so if you were to attend, that would say just the opposite. That would say, 'I’m here to support you' when you don’t support this. Now you may support the people individually, but how can you support them doing something that is objectively wrong?

If you were an alcoholic, Diane and you had a terrible drinking problem, and you were my family member, and I loved you and I wanted to support you, I wouldn’t be supporting you if I drove you down to the bar would I? I could actualize that by saying I support her, but if I really support her, how can I do something that is actually damaging to her?"

Mark's take:

I've heard this question on a variety of podcasts, and the answers are mixed. I've heard priests say to attend if it's someone you love, especially a family member. Their defense of this stance being that people who attend and notice your absence and know you're a Catholic will say, 'they didn't attend because the Catholic church hates gay people,' which it doesn't. It only disapproves of their acting immorally. Keep in mind that if you don't attend, it might just be the last time you get to speak to this person.

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Show air date: September 9, 2013

Question appeared in show: 16:40

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