Karen asked:

What can I tell my Jehovah's witness relatives who don't celebrate holidays?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"Number one the doctrine of Jehovah's witnesses against celebrating holidays is based upon a misunderstanding of the Holy Bible. And that misunderstanding is they look at the bible and they see instances of celebrations of birthdays, for example... celebration of King Herod's brithday, and whoa, what happens? Saint John the Baptist's head gets cut off. And they see pagan kings in the Old Testament celebrating birthdays and other holidays, and bad things seem to ensue. So they are committing a logical fallacy ... because something followed after this, therefore it was caused by this ...

The fact that there are instances of bad people celebrating holidays doesn't mean, and it doesn't logically follow, that holidays being celebrated are in themselves bad. In fact you can go through the Old Testament and see the many different holidays that were celebrated by the Jews. These were ordained by God. The different feast days ... the most fundamental of all would be the sabbath. So biblicially speaking there are many different holidays celebrated throughout the Old Testament, and that was carried forward into the New Testament.

...The second thing with regard to this angle that you know we're some how pagan, or we are implicated in paganism because we celebrate Christmas or Easter is simiply not true. And the way to prove it is that Jehovah's witnesses take the Watchtower magazine that they put out... or Awake magainze, if you look in the upper left or right corner, and you'll see the month and the year. Now the months of the year are in english... these are all months based upon pagan gods. March is named for the pagan Roman god Mars, the god of war. Now the fact that the... Watchotwer magazine, that Jehovah's witnesses bring from door to door, the fact that it might say March 2014 on it doesn't mean that they're pagan... even though they are using the word that comes from paganism..."

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Show air date: April 7, 2014

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