Max asked:

If the world was created in seven days, and humans were created on the sixth then how were dinosaurs alive before humans?

Fr. Vincent Serpa replied:

"First of all the seven days that the scripture speaks of are not necessarily days as we know them. Especially the first day because we measure our day by the time it takes the earth to turn around completely once. At this particular time the scripture says there was no light and then there was light and there was other things that were created. So that a day, it’s just an expression of the passing of time between what was created once, and what was created next. It doesn’t mean that it was actually seven days as we know them. It could have been many, many years in between."

Patrick Coffin added:

"Max if you pick up your bible and look at Genesis chapter 1 starting about verse 20 to the end of the chapter you might see a little hint of God’s creation of all winged creatures and things that creep on the earth. Could’ve been dinosaurs."


Catholic Answers, "The Chaplain is in" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: September 18, 2013

Name of show: The Chaplain is in

Guest comments by: Fr. Vincent Serpa

Question appeared in show: 23:25

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