Gill asked:

When it comes to abortion and trying to demonstrate that it's wrong, what do you say when a woman replies it's my body and I'll do whatever I want with it?

Dr. George Delgado replied:

"I agree that we should be able to do with our bodies what we think is best there's no doubt about that. That's part of free will. But we don't just stand by when people hurt themselves, that's why we have laws against aiding and abetting suicide and we have laws against facilitating people who are doing harm to themselves and abortion definitely does harm to a woman's body, to her psyche, and causes a lot of psychological problems, increases a risk of breast cancer, increases a risk of pre-term labor in future pregnancies.

But then of course there's a whole 'nother person involved. so it's not just her body, it's her body and the body that's within her, the body of the unborn child and we don't just stand by in society when a parent harms or kills or abuses his or her child whether it when its after its been born. So we shouldn't stand by just because it's her body on the outside when she wants to hurt the body that's on the inside. And that's where her right ends. That's where all of our rights end. I can do whatever I want with my body, but when i start flailing my arms around and I start hitting people, then I no longer can do whatever I want with my body right? That's when people step in and say hey wait a minute you've crossed a line. So there are boundaries to our behavior...

I think the other aspect of this is the whole quote choice argument. I have a choice to do whatever I want with my body. And again I agree with choice the fundamental choice was made earlier when that man and that woman decided to have intercourse. And when a man and a woman decided to have intercourse there's an implication there the implication is that there might be a new human being created. And so when they make that choice, they have to make that choice in light of that and be able to deal with the consequences and sometimes the consequences that there's a new human being created and that new human being has to be respected even though it's inside of the body of the mother."

Mark's take:

If people don't want to hear biblical points being made to defend life, I would tell them the killing of a human being isn't a religious issue, it's a moral issue. You don't kill other human beings. Try to not get bogged down in quoting scripture or even the ten commandments to make the point. Keep the discussion at the most basic level.


Catholic Answers, "Pro-Life Open Forum" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2014)

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Show air date: August 29, 2014

Name of show: Pro-Life Open Forum

Guest comments by: Dr. George Delgado

Question appeared in show: 27:45

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