Steve asked:

I was called today by a friend at college and they had experienced being tugged at while walking on campus. No one was around. Later on someone had said that was one of the hauntings famous in this area. My question is what does the Church think of ghosts, non-demonic ghosts? Second what she experienced, is that anything she should be concerned about?

Fr. Carlos Martins replied:

"That's a very good distinction to make. There are such things as ghosts. I'm going to define what a ghost is. A ghost is a distressed human soul. In other words, a soul who is experiencing purgatory. God in his mercy periodically may allow a distressed soul to reveal himself. If and when God does that, he does so within very specific parameters. A ghost is permitted to reveal his presence in order to solicit prayers from the church militant. From the Church on earth, from individuals. God never permits a ghost, a distressed soul, to reveal the lotto numbers; to give you the scores of the football games that you don't have access to right now. He doesn't give you trivial knowledge, or knowledge that is unneccessary for the ... purpose of why this distressed soul is being permitted to reveal his existence."

Patrick Madrid asked:

What about ghosts that seem malovelent and meneacing and even diabolical? They appear that way. Are they not human souls are they something else?

Fr. Carlos Martins replied:

"...Then it is diabolical. So I'll go into the basic distinction. Both ghosts and the demonic frighten ... but what's the distinction? Whereas a ghost will frighten, the demon will terrorize. Their destructive behavior is in their presence. And that behavior will increase in its destructive character over time. The longer that the demon is present within a place, the more destructive that behavior would be ..."

Patrick Madrid asked:

Does God permit damned souls to manifest? Or is it only distressed that need prayer?

Fr. Carlos Martins replied:

"Only distressed souls need prayer ... Our prayer has no effect on the damned. Now for that matter we don't know who is damned, so it is good to prayer for anyone and everyone who has died ..."

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