What is a Catholic in good standing?

by Mark

I was inspired by a Patrick Madrid podcast where he talked about a prominent politician, who identifies as a Roman Catholic, yet supports same-sex "marriage" and abortion, who sent a letter asking an archbishop to not attend the national March for Marriage event, which was characterized as "venom masquerading as virtue." The archbishop of course attended later, and even announced at the march that he had the pope's blessing to attend. Things like this really frustrate me. If you're going to call yourself a Catholic, shouldn't you be familiar with what a Catholic is and believes and then put that into practice, as opposed to bringing scandal to the Church?

This page is not meant to be a rant. It's simply to remind those who identify themselves as Catholic what it means to be a Catholic in good standing. A Catholic in good standing is someone who believes, fully embraces, and lives their faith in accordance with the teachings of the Church that Jesus Christ founded - the Catholic church.

If you're a Catholic in good standing then you follow all of the beliefs of the Church. Some of these beliefs include: I realize in this day and age there are many high profile people in this world who identify themselves as Catholic, yet their actions sometimes run contrary to the beliefs of the Church bringing scandal on the Church. Don't be a cafeteria or cultural Catholic (by that I mean picking and choosing what tenets of the faith you like and ignoring the ones you don't like). You're either ALL IN or not.

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