Rebecca asked:

What's the proper etiquette when listening to mass on the radio or watching it on TV? I'm getting ready for work while I listen and I wonder if I should be kneeling when they kneel and such. Am I being disrespectful when I do other things?

Patrick Madrid replied:

"You're not doing anything disrespectful by continuing with what you're doing. You're trying to be prayerful while you're getting ready for work and there's nothing wrong with that. The Holy Bible says to pray always, and that would include while you're getting ready for work right? One reason for this is you're not actually at mass. You're not attending mass. You're observing mass through the medium of television, or maybe you're listening by a radio. If you were at mass, in the church itself for example, then sure you would, unless you weren't able to follow the postures of the congregation as they kneel at certain parts, and stand at other parts ..."


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Show air date: January 28, 2014

Question appeared in show: 27:30

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