Juan asked:

Why aren't Mormons Christians?

Trent Horn replied:

"... the problem is you have to have a very particular belief about Jesus and about God to be a Christian. For example Muslims would say they believe in Jesus. They believe He is a prophet who is sent from God and born of a virgin, and was taken up to God. But they deny that Jesus is God, or is the unique son of God...

The problem with Mormonism is that when you look at the teachings of Mormonism, especially those of the latter day saints I should say. Especially those found in Mormon works such as Doctrine and Covenants or the Pearl of Great Price, you find teachings that go against Orthodox Christianity.

In particular the teaching that there is not just one God, but there are a plurality of gods. That God is an exalted man that resides near a planet named Kobol, and the God of this world was once a man himself. And the belief that Jesus is a created being on par with the angel Lucifer, and that Jesus is not fully God in the same way the father is.

What Christians believe is that God is a trininty of three co-equal, co-eternal persons, father, son, Holy Spirit. And because LDS do not believe that, they fall outside of the perview of what you would call Christianity."

Patrick added:

"... LDS I believe in the major forms of Mormonism, don't accept the doctrine of original sin. They don't believe that Christ established the sacrament of baptism. And even if they have the correct form, the words and the matter, water which is fine, the intention is alien to Orthodox Christian fatih because of the trinitarian words."

Trent Horn added:

"... I considered a lot of churches in my conversion process, the LDS church being one of them ... What I find distressing is that Mormons for example don't pray to Jesus."


Catholic Answers, "Why aren't you Christian?" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2014)

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Show air date: February 10, 2014

Name of show: Why aren't you Christian?

Guest comments by: Trent Horn

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