Carly asked:

Why do we have mass every day?

Archbishop Alexander Sample replied:

" is the peak experience of the Church but it is also the source from which all of her power flows. So to be able to celebrate the sacred mystery every day and to renew the sacrifice of Christ sacramentally every day at the altar brings sanctification upon the Church every day.

There's power in the mass. There is a power and a grace that comes through the offering of the holy sacrifice of the mass which is for the sanctification not just of those gathered, which typically on a daily mass there is a smaller number, but it brings it upon the whole body of Christ, the whole Church, the whole parish, the whole diocese. So to have the priest celebrate mass every day for the benefit of the faithful and for the intentions for which he is asked to offer the mass every day is first of all a great privilege for the priest. A priest should never go a day without celebrating the holy mass unless he is incapable in some way."


Catholic Answers, "Getting the Liturgy Right" (San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013)

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Show air date: October 4, 2013

Name of show: Getting the Liturgy Right

Guest comments by: Archbishop Alexander Sample

Question appeared in show: 33:05

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