How do we know the Bible is real?

I’m an agnostic and I go to church and I want to believe. Do I need to believe all the bible says from a literal standpoint to be a Christian?

What is your favorite argument for the existence of God?


Since Anglican bishops and Eastern Orthodox bishops were former Catholics why doesn't the Church recognize Anglican holy orders?


A friend commented to me that he thought the Catholic church was misogynistic.

Does God determine my future or do I really have free will to do what I want?

Does the Church believe in slavery?

How do I defend the church when someone calls it a cult?

It seems to me that the doctrine of transubstantiation is so anti-biblical, that only these people [Catholics] can give communion. How do you defend that biblically?

Joshua 11 talks about Israel defeating various armies. How is it that God seems to be allowing an immoral act to take place on a grand scale so that Israel can be victorious?

My friend accuses the Church of persecuting those who left during the reform and from preventing the bible from being read.

People say you shouldn't mix faith and school. Can you tell me about the Catholic church instituting the school system?

The Catholic church prevented people from getting an education in the Middle Ages, it was only the Protestant Reformation that brought education to the masses.

We don’t know when the gospels were written. How can we accept them as the truth?

What is the biblical basis for establishing a pope?

Why does a "just and merciful" God allow people to suffer?

Why doesn't the Church sell all of its wealth and assets and give it to the poor?


God really doesn’t sound all loving in some parts of the bible.

I became an atheist because of all the violence in the Old Testament.

I don’t think it’s up to the atheists to prove that God doesn’t exist...

Is it possible that God’s existence is a byproduct itself of human consciousness?

People from other religions died for their beliefs. Are their claims as valid as those of the apostles?

Time will eventually explain how the universe came into being. There's no point in putting faith in God.

What evidence exists for your deity that doesn't exist for another deity?

Eastern Orthodoxy

How does the Eastern Orthodox church relate to the Roman Catholic church and their claim that they're the church Christ founded?

Why do some converts flirt with Eastern Orthodoxy before coming back to Catholicism?


Are there are any Bible verses you can point to that discuss purgatory?

Can 2nd Peter 1 verse 9 be used as support for the possibility of the loss of salvation?

Does the Catholic church believe in generational curses?

How can we be happy in heaven knowing that there are people in hell?

How do I explain the Church's teachings on mysteries as opposed to accepting them on blind faith alone?

How do we prove that the Catholic church is the one Christ founded?

How do you justify genocide in the bible?

I’ve heard about those seven books that are left out of the Protestant bible. I’ve also heard that Jesus quotes from those books in the New Testament.

If there is one God then isn't there a God that also created Him and so on and so on?

I have a Protestant friend and they talk about once saved always saved. What's the best way to respond to this?

My Catholic friend attends a Baptist church now because he has a problem with the priests' sex abuse scandal.

People say religion is the reason for a lot of wars, hate and condemning people for their beliefs.

What do you say to someone who believes that there is no way to know for certain what is the true church?

Why did God create man at all?

Why do Catholics have adoration? Where's that in the bible?

Why do we call priests father but Jesus says no man on earth should be called father?

Why is the Catholic Bible based on St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate and not on the Greek Septuagint?

Why is there a difference in the ten commandments between the Protestants and the Catholics?


Do Muslims worship the same God we Christians do?

Does the Catholic church consider Muhammad a biblical prophet?

Was Muhammad the sole writer of the Qur'an?

Which edition of the Qur'an should a Catholic read?

Jehovah's Witness

I have a Jehovah’s Witness friend and they believe the soul and the body are one when you die.

Jehovah's Witnesses arguments against Catholicism.

What can I tell my Jehovah's witness relatives who don't celebrate holidays?


How do I evangelize a friend who is Jewish?

Moral relativism

Analyzing bad arguments.


If you believe you are the true Church why are all your parishes named after different saints instead of Jesus Christ?

What's a seed I can plant with my Mormon friends?

Why aren't Mormons Christians?


Do Catholics believe in the rapture like Protestants do?

Do Catholics believe that Protestants will go to heaven? & How do you know that God has truly forgiven your sins?

Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Why do we need purgatory?

Where does it say in the bible we are saved by salvation and works?

Why does the Catholic bible have more books than the Protestant bible?

Sede vacante

I’ve heard about sede vacante. Can you give a response on the accusation of modernism that they’ve put on the pope? Can you also talk about their ordained clergy and how they aren’t current with Catholic teaching?

Sola ecclesia

If Catholics don’t accept sola scriptura, is the only logical conclusion to accept sola ecclesia?

Sola fide

Can you tell me about the Church's teachings on sola fide?

Sola scriptura

A friend says one can always interpret scripture with scripture. I've heard that you can not always interpret scripture with scripture.

There are things going on in the Catholic church that have no scripture to back them up.

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