Are we justified in paying taxes that are going to be put toward Obamacare?

At the last supper our Lord holds up the bread and says this is my body. Is He holding up His own body? Christ hadn't been crucified yet. How can this be His body?

Can you explain Genesis 6, 1 through 4 where it talks about the sons of heaven having intercourse with the daughters of man?

Can you explain why Jesus cursed the fig tree?

Did God take away pharaoh's free will when he repeatedly hardened his heart in the book of Exodus?

Does the Catholic faith accept the entire bible as truth or are there portions of the bible that are like fables? + Catholicism has many things that the bible doesn’t mention. Revelation warns us not to take away anything or add anything. Can you address this?

If Jesus was conceived without sin then why did he need to be baptized?

If the world was created in seven days, and humans were created on the sixth then how were dinosaurs alive before humans?

In the gospels Christ performs a miracle healing a deaf mute but then tells this person to not tell anyone. Why does Christ ask this?

In the Nicene Creed why does it say on the third day he rose again from the dead?

Is there any harm in a parish reenacting the Jewish Passover Seder?

Is there something in the bible that says that we should get ashes on Ash Wednesday?

Is tithing 10% in the Old Testament? Is it the same amount in the New Testament?

Someone keeps taking the Lord’s name in vain. What do I do?

The people that have died up until now, are they in heaven or do they wait until the last day of judgement?

What are the activities of the soul after bodily death but prior to the beatific vision?

What is speaking in tongues? Do Catholics speak in tongues?

What was the sin of Ham when he saw his father's nakedness and told his brothers who covered their father up?

When Christ said to the thief, 'this day you will be with me in paradise,’ doesn’t that say that we don’t have to go to purgatory and instead can go straight to heaven?

When Jesus meets the people on the road that are afflicted with demons and he drives the demons out and they ask to go into the pigs, why do they ask to go into the pigs?

Who is the whore of Babylon mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

Why is there a distinction between mortal and venial sin?


How can the Catholic church promote being against abortions but accept capital punishment?

What are some relationships between the Catechism and the bible? I know what the bible is, it's the word of God. What's the Catechism of the Catholic Church?


Am I morally culpable for purchasing a car from a dealership that advertises on a gay satelite radio channel?

Can I make up for a missed Holy Day of Obligation?

Can the devil hear us think?

Can you have your ashes scattered when you're cremated?

Can you tell me about the gold aura that appears over people's heads in religious artwork?

Can women be deacons?

Can you tell us about the Pope's infallibility?

Do cremated remains have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Do unborn or dead children who are unbaptized go to heaven?

Does the Catholic church teach that there is a treasury of merit that is built up by Mary and the saints?

How can we pass on the importance of the liturgy to our children?

If we are so pro-life why don't we take a stronger stand against the death penalty and war?

I was thinking of attending a funeral where some part of it may be led by a Free Mason. What's the Catholic church's stance on this?

The Church doesn't like us to scatter cremated remains, so how is it the Church can take a saint's bones and spread them throughout the world in the form of relics?

The Church isn’t united in its stance on girls serving as altar servers.

We joined the Catholic church recently. Is there a dress code?

What does it mean to have a personal relationship with Christ?

What is the benefit of being named a saint? Like when John Paul the second is going to be sainted is that just a way to say thank you, or does he become closer to God?

What is the Catholic church's stance on creationism versus evolution?

What is the Church's teaching on material cooperation with evil?

What's the difference between a traditional Catholic church and a regular one?

What’s the difference between doctrine and dogma?

What's the etiquette when listening to mass on the TV or radio?

Why do we have mass every day?


I get confused regarding apostles and disciples. What’s the difference?

I understand Thomas More was responsible for executing heretics.

I'd like to know about the different levels of relics. I bought one at a store.

The pope founded the inquisition in the year 1232 ... within the next hundred or two hundred years the general counsel of the Church endorsed the inquisition ... as we all know Vatican II was in favor of religious freedom. If general counsel is infallible isn't that a contradiction in the infallible category?

What is canon law?

Where did Fr. Martin Luther go wrong?

Where does the term Roman Catholic Church appear anywhere in Church history?

Who started the saint hood process? What right do we have to decide who becomes a saint?

Why did the Catholic church move the Lord’s day to Sunday?

Why do priests have to be celibate?

Why does the Church have so many different rites like the Eastern, the Western and two dozen more rites?

Why do we say for the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever in mass?

Why is fish not considered meat and it's okay to eat during Lent?


I don't feel comfortable extending my hand at the end of mass to give a blessing to someone.

Is Amazing Grace a Catholic song and should we be singing it in the choir if it is not?

Is there a point in the mass where you must be present in order to receive the eucharist? How late can you be?

Should we avoid breaking a consecrated host since Christ's bones weren't broken?

What is the final word on raising your palms up during the Our Father prayer at mass like the priest does, and who decides what we do during that time?

What is the sacrifice that we and the priest make during the mass that we hope that God finds acceptable?

Would eliminating the gloria and the profession of faith make a mass invalid?


Are Catholics cannibals because they eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus Christ?

Can you choose to receive the chalice over the host at communion?

Can you explain transubstantiation?

Can you receive communion at a Saint Pius the Tenth church?

Does a baby in the womb receive Jesus when his or her mother receives the eucharist?

How does the act of contrition and grace work?

How much power does a priest have to decide who gets baptized?

I'm entering the Church on the Easter Vigil. How do you receive communion if you aren't going to confession first?

I’ve been away from the Church for a couple decades. I want to go to confession. How can I make a good one?

I have a friend from an apostolic denomination and he asks me why we baptize in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit. They only do it in the name of Jesus.

I went to confession and the priest refused to hear mine as what I was telling him was something that he was too close to the topic to hear. He referred me to another priest. Should he be reported?

Should we receive communion on the tongue or in the hand?

What would a priest do who must celebrate mass, yet has mortal sin that he can't confess?

When Jesus speaks of eating his body, my friend says that's just another one of his metaphors.

Why can't an outsider receive the eucharist?

Why do Catholics believe they have to go to a priest for confession instead of through prayer?

Why do we have to confess our sins if Jesus Christ already paid for our sins by dying on the cross?

Why is it only half of the Christians in the world believe the eucharist is really the body of Christ?

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