The moment an egg becomes fertilized is it a human being?

The Supreme Court rules on the Health and Human Services mandate.

When it comes to abortion and trying to demonstrate that it's wrong, what do you say when a woman replies it's my body and I'll do whatever I want with it?


Are video games sinful?

As a Catholic is it ok to celebrate Halloween?

I have a friend who believes in astrology as far as the characteristics of people born on certain days or signs. What do you think?

Is hypnotism against Church principles?

What's the Church's take on books about the after life?


A friend said I shouldn't put up a Christmas tree because of what Jeremiah 10 verses 2 through 4 say. What is the Lord talking really talking about here?

Call to Action is holding a conference in my area. Am I able to attend this as a Catholic? Should I protest it?

How do we address the issue of transgender bathrooms with people without sounding ignorant or hateful?

My Christian friend says his racist comments and jokes don't really hurt anybody.

Our priest announced that the Girl Scouts would be selling cookies after mass. Aren't they associated with Planned Parenthood?

Should Catholics join the Girl Scouts?

Should we tell children that Santa Claus isn't real?

What are the Church's teachings on extraterrestrial life?

What can we as Catholics say to counter the strict separation of church and state which is recited in the Sharia Law?

What does the Church say about ghosts?

What if someone curses you?

What's the origin of reducing Christmas to Xmas?

Where do animals go after they die?


If there was a gay gene would it justify homosexual behavior?

Is homosexuality a sin?

Should I attend a gay wedding for a family member?

Should I attend the baby shower for a lesbian couple?

Where does it say in the bible that homosexuality is a bad thing?

Why is the Catholic church against gay marriage?


Four approaches to politics.

What is the basis for priests being told to stay out of politics?


Has there ever been a time when the use of a medium was sanctioned by the Church?

Is it ok to be employed as a psychic and be a good Catholic?

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