Health & Medicine

A friend of mine says reiki cured them of a health problem.

Are vaccinations okay to give to our children?

I have a constant level of anger and I feel I'm moving away from Christ.

I process Medicaid claims for abortions. What's my culpability?

I suffer from lack of patience. What can I do?

Is it morally acceptable for a Catholic to have a Do Not Resuscitate order?

Is Natural Family Planning considered contraception?

Is there a Catholic position on acupuncture?

My wife and I are in NFP classes and I'm wondering why is it morally okay to use the knowledge of how pregnancy occurs to delay a pregnancy?

My will has a statement on feeding when you're approaching death. Should I agree to this?

What’s the Church’s stance on weight loss surgeries?

What's the Church's teaching on using vaccinations that could have come from aborted fetuses?

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