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Joshua 11 talks about Israel defeating various armies. How is it that God seems to be allowing an immoral act to take place on a grand scale so that Israel can be victorious?

Can you explain why Jesus cursed the fig tree?

What can we as Catholics say to counter the strict separation of church and state which is recited in the Sharia Law?

How do we address the issue of transgender bathrooms with people without sounding ignorant or hateful?

How can we be happy in heaven knowing that there are people in hell?

Why do we repeat prayers over and over when the bible says it's not something you should do?

In the Nicene Creed why does it say on the third day he rose again from the dead?

Should we avoid breaking a consecrated host since Christ's bones weren't broken?

Is Amazing Grace a Catholic song and should we be singing it in the choir if it is not?

Who is the whore of Babylon mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

Are there are any Bible verses you can point to that discuss purgatory?

Where does the term Roman Catholic Church appear anywhere in Church history?

Since Anglican bishops and Eastern Orthodox bishops were former Catholics why doesn't the Church recognize Anglican holy orders?

What is your favorite argument for the existence of God?

Do Catholics believe that Protestants will go to heaven? & How do you know that God has truly forgiven your sins?

What is the biblical basis for establishing a pope?

What's the Church's teaching on using vaccinations that could have come from aborted fetuses?

Why is the Catholic Bible based on St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate and not on the Greek Septuagint?

Catholics seem to ask Mary to mediate for them. Why?

Why is fish not considered meat and it's okay to eat during Lent?

Why do we call priests father but Jesus says no man on earth should be called father?

What's the origin of reducing Christmas to Xmas?

How do we know the Bible is real?

What is the sacrifice that we and the priest make during the mass that we hope that God finds acceptable?

A friend said I shouldn't put up a Christmas tree because of what Jeremiah 10 verses 2 through 4 say. What is the Lord talking really talking about here?

Would eliminating the gloria and the profession of faith make a mass invalid?

It seems to me that the doctrine of transubstantiation is so anti-biblical, that only these people [Catholics] can give communion. How do you defend that biblically?

Why does the Church have so many different rites like the Eastern, the Western and two dozen more rites?

If there was a gay gene would it justify homosexual behavior?

Who started the saint hood process? What right do we have to decide who becomes a saint?

Protestants say if Mary was sinless then why did she offer up turtle doves in Luke 2:24 to the priest as a sin offering?

What do you say to someone who believes that there is no way to know for certain what is the true church?

Jehovah's Witnesses arguments against Catholicism.

What is canon law?

Why doesn't the Church sell all of its wealth and assets and give it to the poor?

Analyzing bad arguments when it comes to moral relativism.

Why is the Catholic church against gay marriage?

A friend says one can always interpret scripture with scripture. I've heard that you can not always interpret scripture with scripture.

My friend says praying the rosary is repetitive prayers and that I shouldn't be doing that. I didn't know how to answer him.

When it comes to abortion and trying to demonstrate that it's wrong, what do you say when a woman replies it's my body and I'll do whatever I want with it?

The Church doesn't like us to scatter cremated remains, so how is it the Church can take a saint's bones and spread them throughout the world in the form of relics?

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