Editor's note: If you have questions about your marriage state then please go to your local parish office and ask them. It's important you receive the correct information for your situation. You may not necessarily receive the same answer twice however.

Does God recognize a Protestant marriage?

How was Mary's marriage to Joseph a true marriage if there was no consummation?

I need to have my first marriage annulled. Will that make my son a bastard child?

I want to get married outside the church. Can I have this marriage blessed?

Is divorce by a Catholic and remarriage to a non-Catholic the only sin that God will not forgive?

My friend received an annulment but the husband was told he would need to apply separately. Why?

My friend remarried outside the Church and can’t receive communion. What does she need to do to receive?

My sister is Catholic and is getting married outside the Church. What do I say?

My wife's father is marrying his girlfriend. They are both baptized Catholics and they are both divorced with no annulment. Should we attend this wedding and let our daughter be their flower girl?

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